Your Face. Your Features. Your Skills.

was founded in 2015 with the goal to deliver beauty products that are carefully designed to be sleek and utilitarian. Elements of each product makes it a unique makeup tool, aiming to solve a wider range of beauty application problems. ABLE aims to ensure that every user will be able to create a flawless and professional look with each use and be able to become their own makeup-artist. ABLE strives to encourage learning through easy to use tools and simple instructions and tutorials. Every product insures your makeup goes on flawlessly, and is cruelty free.


ABLE Cosmetics was founded by Dana Rae a makeup artist in New York City. After years in the industry, lots of trial and error and growing up in and around beauty – DR decided there was an untapped segment in the beauty world and it was time to make her own beauty brand. DR wanted to create a brand that aimed to solve beauty issues and ABLE came to be.