This page is designed to help with the management of the website.

Management of Pre-Orders:

Full documentation on how this works is available here:

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Click here to manage your pre-orders:
Manage Pre-Orders

Edit / Manage Products

Manage Products

How to add content to the PRESS page:

Step 1:
Click on Master Slider on the bottom left of your management screen.
You can also just click this link.

Step 2:
Once you are on the main Master Slider page, you can click the Press link to edit the Press slider.

Step 3:
Click to Add Slide, which will be after the other slides already in the slider.
Step 4:
This step is pretty useless, but the slider program that we are using makes you do it. Go ahead and select the image that you want to use in this slider. Once you do that, click to Create Slide.
Step 5:
We actually want to get rid of the background image that was placed in this slide. Click the little garbage can icon to do that.
Step 6:
Scroll down a little bit to the New Layer section.
Use the dropdown to select Image Layer and click the plus button to the left of it.
This will add a new Image Layer below there.
Step 7:
Click to select the new layer and you will see the Layer Content screen appear below it.
Select the image that you want to appear in the slide.
Step 8:
Use the two centering tools to make sure that the image lines up in the center of the slider. It’s as simple as clicking the two buttons show to the right.
Click Save Changes
and you’re done!