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7 Eyeliner Tricks to Save You Massive Amounts of Time in the Morning

New Beauty understands that we’re all strapped for time these days, and highlights ABLE’s Cat Eye 101 as a way to take the stress out of your AM makeup routine. They suggest trying “the stamping method” with our liquid liner as a mess-free way to get a precise line – even while you’re still wishing you could close those eyes and catch more beauty sleep. So go ahead and hit that snooze button a few more times. You can relax knowing your eyeliner won’t be the hold up getting to work.

This Makeup Hack Promises to Prevent Concealer From Creasing Once and For All

With high-level and varied experience as a makeup artist, Dana Rae is tapped by New Beauty to provide the final word on one of the biggest beauty conundrum’s out there.

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