Why Didn’t We Think of This?

“Stretch your (symmetrical) wings” says InStyle! With ABLE’s Cat Eye 101, you can create this liner look on autopilot.

A Foolproof Liquid Liner Literally Anyone Can Master

InStyle knows the drill – “Dealing with liquid liner is kind of like running across a wolf in the wild—you can’t show any signs of fear or intimidation, otherwise it will know, and you (or your expertly-blended smoky eye) will end up in a pretty compromising position.” But this was in the pre-Cat Eye 101 world. Now you can place, trace, and repeat for a gorgeous and even look each time.

To create a symmetrical cat eye, I used to think that you had to be secretly practicing witchcraft

Beauty editors know all of the tricks of the trade – but in their own words, that doesn’t mean they’ve mastered all of them. Cut to Cat Eye 101, ABLE’s liquid eyeliner with a “ruler” to help you stay in line when applying your wings. The Outfit may call this “The Hard Edge” strategy, but the secret is that it’s easy to achieve – “fool-proof,” even!

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