Wedding-Season-Proof Eye Makeup

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Tis the season! Wedding season that is. The spring and summer months are peak wedding time which means old friends getting together, dreaded family reunions, awkward ex interaction, hours on the dance floor, humidity, nervous sweating and of course – happy tears. 

How do you keep your makeup intact throughout this roller coaster of emotions? I have a simple eye makeup routine that will withstand all of the wedding elements that may be blown your way.


1. Have A Solid Base

Meet your new best friend – Eyeshadow Primer. Eyeshadow Primer will keep your eye makeup in place from day to night. I love Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Potion in Original. Simply apply a thin layer with your finger tip on clean skin.

Insider Tip: Push any excess product towards your temples and under your eyebrows. This will help keep your eyebrow product in place as well as any eyeshadow or liner that you may wing out!


2. A Soft Dusting

Lightly dust a nude shadow or translucent powder over your eyeshadow primer. Make sure not to use too much. The goal is to soak up any moisture from the eyeshadow primer as well as achieve one cohesive color.


3. The Main Event

Using ABLE’s Cat Eye 101 liquid liner draw a clean, black cat eye. The formula will take to the primer and base to ensure an extra-long wear. Cat Eye 101 is 3 easy steps. 1st Line your lash line as thin or as thick as you would like. 2nd Place the rubber edge at your desired wing position. 3rd Trace the rubber edge to achieve a perfect cat eye! You can go back and add if you’re a ‘more is more’ fan.


4. Lash Out

Curl your eyelashes with your favorite curler. Follow that up with a smudge proof or waterproof mascara of your choice. To make your lashes really pop - apply a few coats to each eye.


Now your eyes are officially ready to take on the world! AND wedding season.

Cheers to the happy couple,


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