The Carefree Halloween Goers Makeup Guide

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Are you way more into the candy than the costume? ​We have your fix here.

Abstract Art

Only have 5 minutes to get ready for a Wednesday night Halloween party? Even if you have the time but are of the ‘less is more’ mindset, make yourself into a work of abstract art using Cat Eye 101 liquid liner to creatively outline half of your face and call it a day.
Do you have a dark side to complement your sweet side? Consider this clown inspired liner. Using Primary Pencil, line your upper lash line and blend slightly for a smudged look. Lastly, line your bottom lash line with Cat Eye 101 liquid liner and stop halfway. Bring line down to a point and you’re circus-level ready!
Super Hero
Grab your cape and liquid liner if you are feeling superhuman. Using Cat Eye 101, liner your upper lash line. Using the rubber edge of Cat Eye 101, trace the entire length to create a large cat eye wing. Apply Cat Eye 101 formula to the rubber edge and stamp a zig zag shape going towards you cheek. Fill in lines to create a lightning bolt shape and you are ready to save the world!
If you have a sequin jumpsuit or blazer you should consider being out of this world for Halloween. Using Cat Eye 101 liquid liner fill in your entire lid. Draw a cat eye wing and connect. Using Duo Eyelash glue and star shaped glitter apply stars as desired.
Primary Pencil and a leather outfit are all you need to be the coolest, most “I woke up like this” person at the party. Using Primary Pencil fill in lids and rimmer your upper and lower waterline. Using the brush end - blend, blend, blend until you're feeling badder than your usual self.
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