Learn How to Rock a Cat Eye from 5 Fashion Week Insiders

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Every fashion week is a fresh start – designers show off their latest designs, trends are born, and photo opps are everywhere you turn. It seems that no matter what is being sent down the runway or what season it is, designers and fashion insiders incorporate the classic cat eye into their shows and personal routines, proving that the cat eye really does reinvent itself time and time again.

We asked 5 beauty & fashion insiders to share what they love about the cat eye look, how they wear them and how this feline look is incorporated into their work! One thing we learned from their answers is that this eyeliner style is timeless, versatile, and brings confidence to every face.


“Cat eyes are SEXY! I love the way they exaggerate the shape of my eyes! They also give my face a little lift with some highlighter next to it! They can be retro and modern glam at the same time – just like me! I don’t want be pinned down to one look so I play with lengths, shapes and layering with different colors and shadows. Day and night I never leave the house without a cat eye!”

Siobhan Benson, Celebrity Hair Stylist

“A crisp cat eye is my go-to look everyday. From my weekend off-duty outfits to my NYFW looks, a cat eye liners always adds my signature finishing touch before I head out the door. If I’m feeling particularly bold, I’ll add dark grey or brown eyeliner to my waterline and a sheer berry balm to my lips!”

Ayeung Kim, Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan & Seventeen Magazine

“With each season, we see beauty trends come and go, but the cat eye is timeless. It’s a classic upgrade to any look and it works every time.”

Samantha Jo, Editorial Makeup Artist

“Cat eyes and first dates go together like peanut butter and jelly! A good cat eye brings a flick of sex appeal.  It’s a classic beauty trend that has proven to stay relevant through the decades”

Courtney Perkins, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“Cat eye liner is my staple! I wear a cat eye with jeans and a white tee or out in a dress! I typically cut strip lashes in half and pop them on the outer corner of my eyes to really finish off my cat eye wings! My clients often ask for a cat eye because they know they will feel confident and classic”

Dana Rae, Editorial Makeup Artist & Founder of ABLE Cosmetics

What do we know now from these beauty and style gurus? Let’s review!

– Don’t save a cat eye for a fancy occasion – incorporate them into your daily beauty routine

– Highlighter on your cheekbones can make your wings pop

– You should have fun with different length cat eyes depending on your mood

– Apply false lashes to complete your cat eye look

– Cat eyes are the perfect classic look for a date

– Play with different shadow colors before applying your wings

– Cat eyes are the perfect classic look for a date

– You can use pencil liner to rim your waterline and make your look more dramatic

– Yoga pants or tailored blazer, day or night, a cat eye is classic and adds a little sass to your step

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