Influencer Round Up: Cat Eye Style

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The Gramlist rounded up some of our favorite Instagrammers signature looks. We fall for cat eye fans every time - find out why this classic makeup style is their go-to.
Scroll down for the eyeliner flick queens, and check out the full post, 15 Instagrammers on Their Signature Looks, by The Gramlist.
1. Alexa Chung (@alexachung)
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These are my Eurostar hotpants.

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On Her Signature Look: “I don’t have a huge collection of products. But I am an avid wearer of eyeliner—I would say I’m wearing it 90 percent of the time. Someone at a dinner recently asked me if it was tattooed on because they’ve never seen me without it, which I actually think would be wonderful…though I’ve gotten really good at doing it. I’ve done mine for so many years that I can just draw it on really quickly.” [via Into the Gloss]
2. Jen Atkins (@jenatkinshair)
On Her Signature Look: “I use Surratt Beauty’s liquid liner on the ends, and YSL’s kohl eyeliner on the rest of my lash line — I feel pressure to get a really even line with liquid, so it’s a lot easier for me.” [via Allure]
3. Nell Diamond (@nelliediamond)
 On Her Signature Look: “Eyeliner by Able Cosmetics, Concealer by Nars, Glossier Boy Brow & Lid Tint, Lip Gloss by NYX.” [via Rank & Style]
4. Mariam Rahman (@rahmanbeauty)
 On Her Signature Look: You can watch it applied in real time here.
5. Lucy Liu (@lucyliu)

 On Her Signature Look: "Yes, [to whether she always carries two different eye liners]. The liquid liner is for above the eye, and the pencil is for inside the eye. But I rarely use the pencil unless I’m going out. If you put liquid liner on during the day and then add pencil to the inner rims at night, it glams it up.” [via CNN]

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