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Sonia Langlotz is the President of Round Twelve, a creative collective that is anything but a traditional agency, boxer and trainer, and Founder of The X Wives Club, a space for women to empower, encourage, and support each other during a time of emotional need. Learn how embracing adventures and challenges head on led Sonia to become a diversified powerhouse.
People ask me all the time “How are you able to accomplish so much in a day? Aren’t you tired?” and truthfully, I am. But the fact that I am able to wake up each morning and do anything I want is a funny concept - both freeing and terrifying.
As a child, there wasn’t much I couldn’t imagine doing … professional soccer player, artist, singer, veterinarian. As the years passed and I found focus in things I loved, the options still seemed limitless. I actually felt such a sense of confidence in my ability to to tackle new situations that I moved to Italy for a professional program in fashion - up and moved to another country without knowing a single soul. Two years later, I figured if I could do that, New York couldn’t be so difficult, so I moved again to chase a picturesque life in the city. Ten years later and I can hardly fathom how I have survived what came next. Unemployment, Debt, Divorce, Self Doubt, Shame and so much more.
One day, I woke up and was tired of making money for someone else. So I started a business. The next month, I woke up and realized I was in a marriage I couldn’t thrive in. So I left. The following month, I woke up and realized a passion that had carried me through it all was more than a passion, a calling. I registered for my first amateure fight and enrolled in learning how to teach boxing.
Isn’t that the magic of life? We survive and if we try hard enough, we are able to thrive. In those childhood years, I never imagined being able to grow given the circumstances of what life had in store for me, but I did.
Fast forward two years, I wake up and I wouldn’t change a thing. I work with people I admire for brands that are doing the most incredible things. I teach people a skill that gives them confidence and pride. I challenge myself with a schedule that never quits and a fire that burns to do more each. I just purchased an apartment, as a single female entrepreneur. I’m working to change a stigma around divorce and trying to give a little back when I can.
Maybe I’ll never be able to do all of things I wanted to as a child, but my ideas are still the same.
I am ABLE to do more than I ever dreamed of.

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