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Gabrielle Garritano is the Founder & CEO of JECT. JECT is revolutionizing medical aesthetics by targeting the millennial generation and making these services accessible and mainstream. Gabrielle went from small town homecoming queen to a female entrepreneur on a mission to conquer New York City and beyond. She is a a board-certified, New York-licensed Physician Assistant who has spent the past decade pursuing her dream of becoming a medical aesthetics authority to her generation. 

From a young age, I loved making people feel more confident about themselves. I used to make at-home facial masks for my siblings and was one of the go-to girls for beauty advice while living in a sorority house with 70 other women. Throughout my young adulthood, I began to realize a pattern: when people feel good about themselves, they carry this positivity into all facets of their lives. I also began to change my mindset around feeling and looking good; it’s a part of self-care rather than a sense of vanity.  

I first fell in love with medical aesthetics when I was in college at The University of Missouri. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and while I was studying to go into the medical field, my mother’s plastic surgeon invited me to come in to shadow her. I was immediately intrigued by the satisfaction found in making someone feel more confident, in addition to the artistic attention to detail seen from one patient to another. I decided to move to New York City for graduate school with the intent of working at a top medical aesthetics practice. 

Prior to founding Ject, I worked alongside several of New York City’s top plastic surgeons and gained extensive experience in aesthetic injectables and skincare. After years of working in Manhattan in plastic surgery, I began to see that these services were only available to the top echelon of society, creating a huge gap in the market. For decades, medical aesthetics have been thought of as solely for older generations and the rich and famous. They also seemed super expensive and taboo to the younger generation. On the other hand, I saw day in and day out that the people who could afford these procedures loved the results and were aging much more gracefully than the people who weren’t getting preventative Botox and filler treatments. As I was entering my thirties, so were my peers, and they began asking me about these services. However, not only was the price of injectables still an issue, many of my friends and colleagues also knew little about these procedures. I decided to leave my high-end Upper East Side practice to found Ject in the West Village. My mission is to educate my generation on these services and create a more accessible vision for selfcare in the injectables industry.     

At Ject we believe injectables shouldn't be shameful. After all, if it makes you feel good, it should be celebrated! That means no more stuffy doctors’ offices where the same person who checks your moles once a year is also injecting your lips with filler. No offense to that person (I have deep respect for his or her profession) but we aim to do things a little differently. Our unique combination of effective services and products, educational focus, and accessibility is meant to instill confidence and empowerment. At Ject, we believe a little preventive maintenance goes a long way. At the end of the day, we’re in the business of self-esteem––empowering women and men to feel their best, however they define it.

 Today my goals are to become a thought leader in preventative medical aesthetics. I am a strong advocate of medical aesthetics being a part of a person’s overall health and well-being. I am a devoted student of yoga and meditation, which has been fundamental to my work and desire to maintain balance in life. I have traveled the world with the intention of making Ject a global brand that everyone can relate to.  

As I look back now, I notice my biggest adversaries were really the best things that happened to me in my life. It has been a testament to the hard work that pays off when you put your heart and mind into something. I am extremely grateful for the amazing people who have helped me along the way. I could not be more thankful to have an incredible following of clients who have allowed me to pursue my dreams. Today, nothing makes me happier than when I have clients reach out to me saying how satisfied they are with their results. 

I am ABLE to empower women and men to feel their best.

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