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Wellness expert and business advisor Amina AlTai knows what it means to be a millennial on the move! When the stress of her "hustle and grind" lifestyle led her to be diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, she began to search for solutions for her own wellness - after studying nutrition at IIN, fitness through NCCPT and Mindfulness Training under Charlie Knoles to get herself healthy, she decided to combine her 12 years of marketing experience with her wellness training to teach other entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create healthy work they can thrive in.
Three years ago, I did something really brave. I jumped off the cliff and left the comfort of my full-time job to start my coaching program called Entreprenourished™ in which I coach entrepreneurs on how to grow their business and nurture their own well-being. From my perspective, the two concepts are intrinsically tied and I arrived at this work partly because in my 20’s I started an agency where I helped emerging brands grow and I noticed an incredible correlation between brand health and founder health.  The leaders that meditated, ate well, and invested in leadership training and transformation work were raking in the big bucks.  And the leaders who refused to evolve or take care of their mental and physical well-being were struggling financially.  It was an interesting connection that wouldn’t fully make sense to me until I had my own MAJOR crash and burn. 
The moment this idea crystalized was ... interesting.  I was 26 and it was a Friday and I’d worked 80 hours that week, complete with all-nighters, skipped meals, and tons of caffeine.  I remember waking up feeling really great about all the sacrifices I’d made—wearing my lack of sleep as a badge of honor and taking it to mean that I was somehow more valuable as a human being.  You see, I grew up in a household that celebrated my doing over my being—my output, versus who I was as a person.  I believed wholeheartedly that my self-worth was tied to what I created until one day when the Universe brought me to a screeching halt.
I was driving out to see a client in Connecticut when I got a call from my doctor.  
“Pull over,” she says sternly. “You need to go to the hospital right now.”
I roll my eyes and continue drive.  If I stop, I’ll be late and there’s nothing I hate more.
“What’s going on?” I ask.
“I’ve got your bloodwork back and it’s really not good.  If you don’t go to the hospital right now you are days away from multiple organ damage.”   Holy cow. I knew work and my warped relationship with self-worth was kinda killing me, but I didn’t realize that it was actually killing me.  For real.
That was the moment.  It finally sunk in that my need to over-perform and prove myself because I felt fundamentally unlovable and unworthy might actually take me out for good. And that if I wanted to thrive I needed to majorly overhaul my life.    
Right then and there I decided very consciously, and with great effort, to put the baggage down. I went on a journey to heal my mind and body—my relationship with work and stress.  I studied nutrition, meditation and healthy moment. I realized that my behaviors were learned, and they could just as easily be unlearned.  I dug deep to reconnect with myself and get clear on these old ideals that were running the show of my life and clearly not serving me.  
I soon discovered that my ideas about myself were extremely limiting and they were also learned. I was taught that being lazy was bad and working absurdly hard was good, and I clung to this narrative my whole life. But when we are lost in a narrative, we can’t be our real selves. And so began the process of changing the way I told my story and my belief system attached to it. And only when we change our beliefs and release the stories can we be our truest selves and view others the same way.
As I released these ideas, my views of the world changed, too.  I went from fearful and competitive to loving and accepting.  I could finally see and understand my own innate self-worth and it changed the way I viewed everyone and everything around me.  Life was no longer a binary conversation of good versus bad. When you realize that it’s safe to love yourself unconditionally, you suddenly become aware that there are no lanes, and there is no competition.  Everyone is equal and innately perfect.
After years of seeing results in my own life I knew I needed to share on a bigger scale.  I became so lit about my own transformation—and what was available to me when I was feeling good, that I vowed I had to pay it forward and teach other people, so they wouldn’t have to hit a bottom like I did. And so, they could have healthy businesses and healthy minds and bodies to boot! Because entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be about the struggle. 
My name is Amina AlTai and I’m ABLE to see your innate greatness because I finally accept my own.

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