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My name is Taylor Norris and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of LIT Method, a wellness brand that specializes in Low Impact Training and injury prevention. With two retail locations in Los Angeles and an on-demand platform, our goal is to change the way people approach fitness and change the fitness industry as we know it. 
My journey started back in college where I attended Parsons School of Design in NY, specializing in graphic design. Though my passion lies in design and branding, I have always lived an active lifestyle and been fascinated with fitness. When I returned home from school I decided to pursue my personal training certification while I was working on my first business (we can save this for another time). When I received my personal training certification from ACE, I started working at a small boutique gym in Beverly Hills. 
Fast forward one year, when I met the love of my life Justin. He was a personal trainer that specialized in rehabilitation and had a very unique training background. We soon joined forces and decided to pursue the group fitness space with a unique approach. We created a high intensity, low impact workout that would give you a serious sweat with no running, no jumping, and no weights.
I have always had an entrepreneurial “itch” to build something from the ground up and wanted to shake the fitness world of its stale style and generic branding, thus LIT Method was born. We drained our bank accounts, maxed out our credit cards, and took a leap of faith even though friends and family said we would fail. We gave up our extensive client list and decided to start from the ground up, LITeraly.
For our first location we did all the work, the demolition, the paint, the flooring, everything! Fast forward three years, where we have a beautiful 5k sqft studio located in the heart of West Hollywood, been featured in multiple major publications, and are now working on signing our third location!
So now you know who I am what my mission is.  I will leave everyone with this, no matter where you are in your life, you should follow your heart and dreams, even if everyone thinks your crazy for doing it!

I am Taylor Norris and I am ABLE to change the way people approach fitness.

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