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ABLE Halloween: Modern Catwoman 101

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Drawing influence from both classic styles and current trends, the ABLE team created a modern twist on the iconic Catwoman for a look that will leave your fellow Halloween goers feeling as green with envy as Poison Ivy. Just keep your claws to yourself and let the spotlight follow you around!

Catwoman seemed like an obvious choice for ABLE’s first Halloween. For the makeup I took inspiration from the looks I see coming down the runway on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I knew going into this shoot that I didn’t want the model to have cat ears and whiskers. Instead, I wanted to convey a feline feel using contouring and carefully placed highlights. Adding fake freckles was a detail that helped make the character more real. And, of course a killer cat eye was a requirement! For the nails, I wanted to create a play on cat claws. I used tape to create minimalist nail art design leaving the model with a simple pointy look. Lastly, I wanted our Catwoman to be effortlessly cool – the girl that went wild with glam for her makeup but kept it simple with her costume. Pulling from current trends, this Orseund Iris Corset was a must to layer over a classic ALIX bodysuit, giving our model the perfect Catwoman vibe sans leather.

Dana Rae

ABLE Cosmetics

As soon as DR mentioned this project I immediately thought of a short textured cut. I wanted the character here to remain feminine but powerful. Playing with short haircuts allows a woman to signal strength and edge – which is just what catwoman needs.

Levi Monarch

Hair Stylist

I was surprised that having Halloween cat makeup could make me feel so beautiful! I was expecting something very literal and got something very pretty and wearable. My favorite part, aside from the entire makeup look, was having short hair for the day.

Dayna Frazer


When shooting this project  I was inspired by ABLE’s Cat Eye 101 a beauty product that can – within seconds – change any look. With that in mind, I wanted to photograph our “ABLE Catwoman” in a way that still kept her look edgy but also showed off the clean lines and beauty that ABLE brings to each makeup application.

Cody Lidkte


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