ABLE GIVES BACK: Helping Animals After Hurricane Harvey

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ABLE Cosmetics aims to be a cruelty-free and ingredient-conscious brand and strives to help where we can. This November, ABLE Cosmetics will donate 15% of all proceeds to the Houston SPCA to support their efforts in helping our furry friends. This month we encourage you to shop with a purpose.

“According to the Associated Press, over 60,000 people and their animals remain displaced from their homes over a month after the storm hit.
Immediately after the storm struck, the Houston SPCA’s highly-trained swift-water rescue teams spent eight days in boats rescuing animals from flooded homes. Our 24-hour injured animal rescue ambulances, the only ones in the region, conducted land rescues of abandoned and injured animals. We established a MASH (Mobile Animal Shelter) in Jefferson County … we also worked with our partners to address the tremendous impact on horses and farm animals throughout the region including Harris and Jefferson Counties. Following Harvey’s landfall, the Houston SPCA has cared for over 2,300 dogs and cats, over 80 displaced horses, farm animals and native wildlife.
Our ultimate goal was the reunification of these lost domestic animals with their original owners and the rehabilitation and release of the wildlife into their native habitats. To accomplish that goal, we launched three unique programs: (1) Operation Reunite with the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation; (2) A Hurricane Harvey lost pet portal with Finding Rover and the Petco Foundation; and (3) and an online peer-to-peer foster program with Adopt-a-Pet. This triad of innovative and extraordinary programs was designed to help reunite storm victims with their families through facial recognition technology, provide 45 days of foster care through partnerships with veterinary hospitals and initiate peer-to-peer fostering for animals until people can rebuild their lives. As of October 13, 2017, 305 Harvey victims found safe, secure foster care in veterinary hospitals and nearly 270 animals including over 45 horses have been reunited with their original families.
– Houston SPCA


Every purchase makes a difference


You can also give back directly to the Houston SPCA by donating HERE


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