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6 Summer Beauty Hacks To Get Excited About!

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Powder can be a fantastic tool for setting your makeup. In the summer heat, powder can easily break down once you begin to sweat and start to look cakey. The last thing you want is for your skin to be suffocated under layers of makeup, which is why I suggest adding blotting papers to your makeup bag. Blotting papers will remove shine and excess oils without adding layers or removing any of your existing look.

DR Tip: If you are in a pinch and don’t have a blotting paper you can use a tissue! Gently separate the tissue into two sheets by opening the edge of the corner and pulling. These very thin sheets pick up oils perfectly. Press the tissue onto your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin to remove excess oil.

Product Suggestion: Tissues or Clean & Clear: Oil Absorbing Sheets (I prefer the tissue trick!)


Nothing pumps up a girl’s mood like full and fluffy lashes. Nowadays we have so many options: strip lashes, half lashes, clump lashes, individual lashes, lash perms, lash tinting, lash extensions! If that isn’t confusing enough, you must also decide what style suits you best: regular, full, extra full, cat eye, baby doll. You can even combine styles – and don’t forget, you need to pick a length. For a hot-weather trip I always recommend going for lash extensions. They are the ultimate “I woke up like this” move and will have you feeling 100% until they naturally shed away. For an event, I suggest a less permanent option like strip or clump lashes. You can build these and also remove them the same day. They are also reusable if you gently remove the glue from the lash after use.

DR Tip: Regardless of what style you land on always make sure that the lashes end before your last natural lash on the outer corner. Lashes that go all the way to the ends of your eyes can often make your eyes look heavy and downturned, when lashes are really meant to lift and widen.

Product Suggestion: Ardell Strip Lash: Black Demi Wispies (Cut these little babies in half and pop the inner half on the outer corner of your lashes) This will give you a natural cat eye!


During the summer, sweat can be a main cause for breakouts. Don’t get us wrong – sweating is great for you! But if it stays on your skin for too long is can cause Pityrosporum Folliculitis. Pity-Folli-what? This is a type of breakout which specifically occurs when dirt and sweat remains on the skin longer than it should and usually appears as a breakout that is under the skin and does not have a white head. Summer is a great time of the year to consider a facial to make sure your skin is in good shape. However, if a professional-level treatment isn’t in your budget, there are amazing do-it-at-home clarifying masks to try instead of a series of spa splurges.

DR Tip: Truth be told, the best way to feel amazing about your makeup starts with showing love to your skin first! Personally, I will not leave the gym without splashing water on my face. Anytime I walk in the house after a sweaty subway ride or from the streets on New York, I use a cold washcloth to remove anything that stuck to me while I was out and about. Drinking water is also another key to clear skin. Drinking water throughout the day is not only the best thing you can do for your skin but also the best thing you can do for your body since it helps your digestive tract move food and toxins out. Staying hydrated is my greatest skin secret.

Product Suggestion: Mask: Origins Charcoal Mask (Great for breakouts!)


Nothing is quite as frustrating as lip products that need constant attention, and matte “long lasting” lipsticks are extremely drying which often result in your lips feeling like sandpaper. Instead, try a stain! Lip stains are easy, buildable, kissable and long lasting. Apply your favorite moisturizer, then apply a lip stain and you are good to go. You can dab on a little bit for a bitten look or you can add a few layers for a brighter pop of color. You can also apply moisturizer on top of a lip stain for a bit more shine. Very versatile.

DR Tip: I haven’t found one lip stain that I absolutely love, so I make my own and here’s how: After I brush my teeth, I use another toothbrush with a tiny bit of Vaseline to brush my lips, removing any dead skin. Then, I moisturizer before applying whatever color lip I am in the mood for. I lay on my color of choice pretty heavy, and I’ve found that red and berry tones work the best. Next, I move on to my eye makeup and hair. Just before I leave the house, I use a tissue to wipe off all the excess product from my lips. I follow with a finishing touch of moisturizer before walking out the door with a perfectly stained lip. This trick is a great opportunity to bring a long-lasting hint of color to your look, instead of a rocking smile full of sticky formula. Minimal babysitting required. Voila!

Product Suggestion: MAC Cosmetics: Lipstick in Ruby Woo


Regular, Smudge Proof or Waterproof – that is the question! You might be wondering “what is the difference?” and I am here to tell you. To put it simply – regular or “original” formulas have no special staying power. They are designed to perform as is. Smudge Proof products resist your bodies natural oils, sweat and tears. Waterproof formulas resist all of that and water. I have always found that smudge proof formulas can be just as durable as waterproof products. However, smudge proof allows you to remove your makeup without damaging your skin or lashes. In my experience waterproof products are too harsh (unless it’s your wedding)

DR Tip: I use and design smudge proof formulas because they are dependable but still buildable. A waterproof formula can become very dry due to the nature of the ingredients. With smudge proof, the product will stay in place but a touch up is an option if you want a little more!

Product Suggestion: ABLE Cosmetics Cat Eye 101 Liquid Liner is Smudge Proof – will stay in place all night long! 


“I feel so much better with a little sun tan” is something I hear my friends and clients say all the time. And it’s true! Everyone feels great after they’ve gotten a dose of Vitamin D. But, how does one achieve a sun-kissed look sans the harmful rays? Use a matte bronzer around the perimeter of your face and focus on high points where the sun would hit, such as your forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, bone & collar bones. This will get you that even, glowing look that you dream of all year.

DR Tip: A little makeup artist trick is to use the excess blush on your brush and sweep horizontally across your nose (right above the tip). This will give the illusion that you have just been lounging in the sun!

Product Suggestion: (Body) Jergens: Natural Glow Moisturizer (Face) Dr. Gross: Alpha Beta Glow Pads (Matte Powder Bronzer) Benefit: Hoola (Blush) NARS: Orgasm

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