6 Beauty Tips We Love

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We asked 6 beauty insiders ranging from eyebrow specialists to makeup artists to hair stylists what their favorite beauty tricks are - and we are in love with what they shared!

Here are some of our favorite secrets from the pros. 

Exfoliate your brows. Use a spoolie brush to brush the brows firmly back-and-forth to get rid of any dead skin. This will ensure a healthier environment for growth. A drop of castor oil will also help to strengthen any weak brow hairs.”
“To keep my everyday makeup cohesive I start with a creamy lip color. Then I use a fluffy brush to diffuse the lip color into a stain. With that same brush I will deposit the rest of the lip color onto my cheeks as blush and over my eyelids as subtle shadow.”
“I like to use a black pencil as a base for a smokey eye. First, apply a thick, messy line of black pencil. Blend pencil all over lid. Apply a dark shadow of your choice overtop! This will help your smokey eye stay in place and give it dimension. Dark brown, navy blue, dark purple, dark green, and black are all great options for your shadow.”

Dana Rae Ashburn, Makeup Artist

“Good hair starts in the shower! Be sure you use a mask or deep conditioner at least once per week to keep your hair healthy."

Laura Polko, Hair Stylist 

“When filling in my brows I like to place my hand above my eyebrow to shade it from the light. A lot of times lighting doesn’t allow you to see what shape you are creating but this trick works every time."
“A hair trick I like to do to add texture is while holding the iron horizontally I wrap the top half of a strand of hair in one direction and alternate the direction on the bottom half of the hair. This gives my hair a sexy, bedhead vibe without looking like it is too done.”

Jackie Seabrooke, Hair Stylist

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