2018: ABLE’s New Year’s Resolutions

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What we love the most about the turn of a new year is that it gives us a minute to take a minute, and consider what we want to do with this fresh feeling. Today, the options for living a more fulfilling and conscious life are limitless. Whether you are looking for a new makeup routine, on the hunt for a hair makeover or want to feel more zen, we’re behind you. Feeling like our best, most forward-moving selves won’t come without at least a little bit of change – so we’ve made some resolutions to get you glowing inside and out in 2018.


  • Quality not quantity! We all have a lot of makeup that we don’t use. So, trash your old mascara and dried up nail polish. Get rid of the neon purple lipstick that you bought two years ago but have never worn, and invest in some quality cosmetics. Here are some of our current favorites


  • If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. It’s always tempting to try a new trendy product may that be the hottest new K-beauty glitter mask or an exotic ingredient. But we say stick to what you know. Your skin will react the best to products that you use consistently. Skincare isn’t a quick-fix. It may take some time for your skin to take to a product. So if you know it works – we say don’t stray.
  • Drink up! Water that is. How much water you should drink per day depends on your body and level of physical activity, but the commonly heard “8oz of water 8 times a day” is a good place to start. It has been proven that drinking water is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin. Not only does it push out bad toxins but it also hydrates. Drinking the right amount of water for your body may feel like a part-time job for some so we recommend carrying 1 large reusable bottle in your bag all day. That way it is always with you, you don’t need to think about it and you don’t need buy another plastic bottle.
  • You can find us in the sauna. We’re saving our pennies for a different kind of spa experience this year. Instead of a massage this winter, try an infrared sauna. This isn’t just touted as the ultimate skin purification, though. Benefits are said to range from overall detoxification to pain relief to mental relaxation. It’s a great way to feel ultra laid-back, clear-minded and warm up those bones in the colder months.


  • Hair Therapy. We all want shiny, healthy hair. And while we love the idea of setting a timer for a leave-in conditioner or even an overnight hydrating hair mask, how can that happened without making a mess of our pillows? We suggest investing in Kocostar Split End Therapy No Rinse Leave In Ponytail Treatment. Simply put your hair into a ponytail or braid and place your hair into the conditioner filled wrap. You can continue on with your life sans a sticky head while your hair is being hydrated. This product is truly revolutionary and leaves little guess work for the user. Commit to this treatment once a week and you will have campaign worthy locks.
  • (Almost) Pretty Natural. Have you ever complimented someone’s hair and asked what they do to make it look so unreal, just to be told “I’ve never colored my hair” cue eye roll. Since we can’t go back in time and take back our youthful indiscretions (streaky 90s highlights, a pink stripe here and there and ombre circa 2008). We do have a suggestion as to how you can look like you still have virgin hair. Find a picture of yourself when you still had your original color (maybe age eight). This color is most likely the best option for your skin tone because it’s your natural given color! Ask your colorist to take you back to your roots (with a little more umph and shine) and we are sure you will feel like yourself again.


  • Beauty sleep. Switch to a silk pillowcase like Slip. This is proven to help prevent wrinkles and keep your hair nice and shiny. Once you press “order” all YOU have to do is sleep. Sign us up!
  • Shut down. Detach from technology 30 minutes before bed. While it is tempting to check your email, see who just got engaged on Facebook or stalk an influencer while cozying up in bed, it’s just not healthy for your mind or your eyes. This much stimulation will make your sleep less sound and your mind may have a harder time settling in.
  • On the clock! Aim for a solid 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. Try to stick to a consistent schedule of shutting those eyes and opening them up again in the morning. We love the Bedtime Alarm on the iPhone for setting your bedtime, wake-up time, and receiving a soothing notification for both.

Personal Care

  • Stress Sweat. We sweat when we workout, we sweat when we get nervous and we sweat when we hear that antiperspirant can cause a lot of health issues. While we know that switching to natural deodorant sounds just as fun as taking out the trash – we believe this change is a must! Yes, you will go through a stinky period but this small edit to your routine could be life changing. Kaia Naturals makes a natural deodorant called The Takesumi Detox that you will be excited to apply after smelling the fresh scent options. They also make a Detox Kit to help you through the big switch! You can even hit the issue 3 ways with The Deodorant Boost Bar.
  • Aunt Flow. We know that during that time of the month, all you really care about is rom-coms and chocolate. But you should also be conscious about the products you are using during that unavoidable monthly hell week – also known as your period. Consider switching to a natural tampon & pad brand like My Lola to avoid toxins, artificial fragrances and synthetic fibers from getting inside of your body.

Mental Health

  • Breath Easy. Learn to breath! Learning how to breath properly can be life altering. With fast paced, busy lives we often don’t realize that we are taking shallow breaths and living in a state of hyperventilation. Become aware of this and stop every once in awhile to check in and make sure you are belly breathing! Belly breathing is breathing all the way into your belly. This can regulate your heart rate, calm anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing.
  • I AM ABLE to … say “no.” Reflect deeply on the things in your life that detract from your ability to focus on your girlboss goals or deplete your energy and remove them. It’s always in style to be polite, but people-pleasing is so 2017. So, do you!

One final tip. A year is a long time, and not every one of those 365 days is going to be amazing – so be proud of your achievements every day and show yourself some gratitude for all that you do. Maybe we’re biased, but we suggest making your personal mantra “I AM ABLE.”

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